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About Boating Safely


with USCG Auxiliary

Calendar Jan 23, 2020 at 6 pm, runs for 8 weeks

This team taught, 8 hours U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary course provides recreational boaters with the knowledge and skills to boat safely on either inland or coastal waters. General topics include in this ABS course are: boating operations, boat handling, boating laws and regulations, water traffic patterns, equipment requirements, and introductory navigation. Students will complete a multiple-choice exam at the conclusion of the course. Participants who pass the written exam are awarded a USCGA certificate that may be used to satisfy state boat operator certification as well as possibly earning a discount on insurance premiums from many marine insurers. This course is approved by the National Association of Boating Law Administrators (NASBLA).

There will be no class on February 20.

Also, as part of this ABS course there will be two additional sessions for more detailed navigation. These sessions will be optional for ABS course attendees.

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Backyard Chickens 101


with Jennifer Fisk

Calendar Mar 5, 2020 at 5 pm, runs for 2 weeks

Raising chickens is often a great way to literally grow your own food. But how do you avoid getting roosters if you only want layers? Should you have a rooster with your hens? What’s a brooding box? What if a hen gets broody? What does that even mean? How much space do hens need? Does my town allow me to have chickens?

This class will answer these questions and help you choose the right breed/breeds, obtain birds from good sources and employ easy methods of husbandry from day old chicks to egg laying.

The first week will focus on raising egg laying chickens while the second week will focus on meat birds which is quite different from laying hens.

About Jennifer Fisk: She grew up in upstate NY and moved to MDI 49 years ago. She is a former US Customs Inspector. She moved from in town BH to Town Hill in 1995 and built Acadia Woods Kennel in 1996. She got her first chickens in 2002 or so. Currently she has a mixed laying flock, 3 heritage turkeys, 2 Nigerian goats, 5 Silver Fox rabbits, 2 cats and 2 German Shepherds. She grows a fairly good sized garden from which she freezes and cans. She also grew 15 meat chickens, 8 meat rabbits and 2 Broadbreasted White turkeys this year. Jennifer grows or sources locally almost all of her food.

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with Peter Cowin

Calendar Mar 11, 2020 at 6 pm, runs for 2 weeks

This class is designed to stimulate interest in starting beekeeping as a hobby, to help pollinate crops, or generally learn more about the honeybee husbandry. We’ll also cover what is needed, where to locate beehives, where to buy them, what it costs, and how-to over-winter bees.

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Gardening: Grow Your Own Organic Garden


with Suzanne Morse

Calendar Apr 8, 2020 at 6 pm, runs for 1 week

Join this highly popular class offered by MOFGA!

Interested in learning how to grow your own vegetables in a sustainable manner? Join us for an evening-long workshop on how to grow your own garden organically. Topics covered: soil science, enriching soil, fundamentals of composting, crop rotation, use of green manures, plant vs week identification, weed control, dealing with pests, etc. The instructor is an experienced farmer or gardener in our area. Free seeds will be provided! All are welcome, from first-timers to experienced gardeners who want to experiment with new techniques. We will even send you home with free seeds!

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